Ostara Capital

Ostara Capital

Enabling the economic means for investors
to achieve their own great purpose
day-to-day and over their lifetime

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A visionary, non-conventional firm focused on delivering superior returns.

Ostara Capital is a private investment management firm, or hedge fund, primarily focused on opportunistic, value-oriented investing in publicly traded companies.

Investment Philosophy


We seek to invest in companies with superior fundamentals and economics over years.

Value Oriented

There's nothing better than backing a company that is temporarily undervalued.


We pay attention to market-moving incididences and over-reaction by the public.


We remain open to all industries and market capitalizaton sizes that are profitable.

Go. What's Stopping You?

Why Ostara Capital


Independent Thinking

We seek to approach everything with fresh, independent thinking unhindered by mainstream opinions.


We are different in our view towards investment selection, partnership orientation, and conflict-free fee structure.

Entrepreneurial Culture

We operate free of the pitfalls of a bureaucratic and inefficient corporate structure.

Passionate & Committed

We attack our work with passion, and view our investor relationships as life-long partnerships.

Applicable to Accredited Investors Only

*Exceptions Subject to State Securities Laws
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